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CLICK HERE to watch the Doctor's informative Video about the benefits
when using Mesuá® Rx's Phycisian's Formula Packs on a daily basis

Mesuá® Rx Physician’s Formula

The Mesuá® Rx Physician's Formula is a multi-patented, pharmaceutical grade of antioxidants which gives you the Foundation for a daily healthy life.

The Mesuá® Rx Physician’s Foundation Formula, consists of patented nutrients with vitamins,
minerals and other essential nutrients that are needed on a daily basis. When you don’t eat
properly and you are constantly on the run and under stress, this specially formulated packet of
nutrients is convenient because it can easily be carried with you when traveling and when you are
on the go, so its available to you, to be taken on a daily basis.

Each packet contains: Each daily packet contains (6) supplements.

(1) Calcium & Magnesium: Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.

(1) Omega 3: The main nutritional supplement which studies show helps reduce inflammation
in our body that is the cause of most disease in the human body.

(1) CoQ10: Is the spark of life which helps provide energy and protection to the heart, brain and vascular system.

(3) Nutritional Blend: A synergistic blend of Vitamins, minerals and super antioxidants nutrients with more than 50 nutraceuticals that together helps maintain and regulate the human body.

One daily packet insures the foundation of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. This is your 30 day personal Mesuá® Rx Physicians-Formula Daily program, when coupled with your Health Insurance Program®, necessary for your Optimized-Health.

Your Health Insurance program (tm)
a. Proper Nutrition
b. Exercise
c. Nutritional Supplementation
d. Visit your health professional regularly

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”.


CLICK HERE to watch the Doctor's informative Video about the
benefits when using Liquid Calcium on a daily basis.


Program for Healthy Bones and Teeth

Calcium and Magnesium are the key minerals necessary to help maintain healthy teeth and bones:

Calcium is the key mineral your body needs to help build strong bones and healthy teeth. Bones are living tissue and need calcium every day.

Our bodies continually remove and replace small amounts of calcium from our bones as we mature. If more calcium is removed than is replaced, bones become weaker and have a greater chance of breaking, and this can lead to osteoporosis.

Most people don't get enough calcium from the foods they eat and drink. In fact not having proper levels of calcium in your body may lead to early onset of osteoporosis.

For example, how much milk do you need to drink to get the necessary amount of calcium to help maintain healthy teeth and bones. 1 glass of milk contains 300 mg of calcium you need a minimum of (3) 8 ounce glasses of milk to get the right amount of calcium daily. That is 110 calories per glass of milk or 330 calories per day.

1 Week of drinking (21 glasses) of milk is 2310 calories, 21 Calcium and Magnesium liquid soft gels per week are only 70 calories.

Calcium and proper dental hygiene helps protect teeth against tooth decay. Both baby teeth and adult teeth need calcium to grow and develop. Calcium and proper dental hygiene, helps make jawbones strong too.

Mesuá® Rx Liquid calcium has 6 forms of calcium and 3 forms of magnesium + vitamin D 3 and vitamin K1 which helps the body optimize the absorption of calcium more efficiently.

What are good sources of calcium? Calcium is found in a variety of foods. Low-fat and fat-free milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are great sources of calcium, as well as certain vegetables.

What makes Mesuá® Rx Calcium so unique?:
1. Comes in easy to take softgels.
2. It's a liquid in a soft gel, combining 6 forms of synergistic calcium's + 3 forms of
magnesium + Vitamins D3 and K1, to optimize the bioavailability of calcium.

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”.


CLICK HERE to watch the Doctor's informative Video about the
benefits when using Omega 3 on a daily basis.


The Fountain of Health and Youth

Mesuá® Rx Omega 3 is a nutritional supplement. More than 20,000 studies have shown
that Omega 3:

1. Helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels.
2. Helps maintain a healthy immune system.
3. Helps maintain healthy vascular system.
4. Helps maintain healthy anti inflammatory levels at the cellular level in your body.

Omega 3 serves as an anti-inflamatory at the cellular level Why is this important?

Inflammation is the common denominator for all disease in the human body. The inflammation that we talk about is an inflammation that we can't see with the naked eye, touch or feel, because it's throughout the cellular level in the organs of your body.

Research shows that there may be a benefit in lowering inflammation in the human body.
Studies have demonstrated that improving these inflammatory conditions may help
prevent inflamation and reduce Cancer, Alzheimer, Arthritis, heart and cardiovascular disease, as well as problems in early child development, like ADHD and autism.
Omega 3 has a positive effect in the brain, the eyes, the heart, and the joints.

What makes the Mesuá® Rx Omega 3 so unique?
1. It's pharmaceutical grade, concentrated and patented.
2. Our patented pharmaceutical grade makes Mesuá® Rx the cleanest fish oil in the world.
3. Odorless, tasteless and burpless. We are one of the only Omega 3 products that possess these qualities.

“Remember Prevention is better than the cure”


CLICK HERE to watch the Doctor's informative Video about
the benefits when using CoEnzyme Q10 on a daily basis.


Peak Power and Energy Program

Did you know you can protect your brain and heart and at the same time maintain and increase your energy levels?

Mesuá® Rx CoQ10 is the answer, it is one of the only products in the world that is hydrosoluble.
It crosses the blood brain barrier and it's up to 300% more bioavailable than ordinary CoQ10 capsules.

CoQ10 is known as the Spark of Life. Research has shown that it provides energy to the mitochondria at the cellular level, and it is specifically beneficial to the heart, brain, vascular and muscular system. It is especially beneficial for gums and functioning organs in the body. CoQ10 is found in 100 trillion cells in the human body.

Research has shown that after eating all types of food containing CoQ10, the body only converts a maximum of 5 milligrams per day, which is an insufficient amount of CoQ10 for positive clinical effects.

When coenzyme Q10 is taken orally, it is carried into the mitochondria of cells throughout the body where it facilitates and regulates the digestion of fats and sugars turning them into energy. One of the main areas where the mitochondrial energy by CoQ10 is enhanced is the brain, offering neuro-protective benefits. CoQ10 is the foundation for life.

What makes Mesuá® Rx CoQ10 so unique?
1. Its a Soft Gel which is easy to swallow.
2. Mesuá® Rx CoQ10 is a patented pharmaceutical grade making Mesuá® Rx Q10 one of the most
bioavailable Coenzyme Q10, in the world.

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”.


CLICK HERE to watch the Doctor's informative Video about the benefits
when using Mesuá® Rx's Intestinal Balancing System on a daily basis.


The Gift of Life

The human digestive tract contains more than 500 different types, and over 850 billion beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria, help keep the intestines functioning in a healthy manner and assist with everyday digestive functioning and help to maintain the overall health of your entire body. When the beneficial bacteria are overwhelmed by the bad bacteria the body tries to rid itself of these intruders, and your body warns you of the problems(ex. like diarrhea, gas, and bloating). Supplementation with Mesuá® Rx Probiotics insures that you are helping to maintain the integrity of the beneficial bacteria throughout your intestinal tract and your body.

Studies have shown the benefits of maintaining a healthy intestinal-tract and relate that the
Good-Beneficial-Bacteria may help with the following:

May help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea and inflammation, and helps maintain a healthy immune system, with better digestion and absorption of nutrients, helps keep the bad-bacteria under control, and helps eliminate toxins. More recent studies show that the Beneficial Probiotics may help prevent or reduce the severity of colds and flu, help maintain a healthy urinary tract plus help maintain a healthy bowel, and help minimize gas and bloating issues, and so much more.

More than 50 million people in the U.S. have secondary GI problems, supplementing with Probiotics
helps maintain the integrity of the good bacteria and thus the overall good-health of the intestinal tract and body.

Please follow the Mesuá® Rx Health-Insurance Program®. Be sure that you eat well with proper nutrition, Visit your doctor or health professional regularly, exercise and regularly supplement your diet with the Mesuá® Rx nutritional-supplements and probiotics.

Mesuá® Rx Probiotics, are truly... The Gift of Life!

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”.



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