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Mesuá® Rx Physician’s Formula

The Mesuá® Rx-Physician Formula is a multi-patent
pharmaceutical grade of supplements which gives you the Foundation for a daily healthy life.

The Mesuá® Rx Physician’s Foundation Formula, consists of patented nutrients with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that are needed on a daily basis. When you don’t eat properly and you are constantly on the run and under stress, this specially formulated packet-of-nutrients is convenient because it can easily be carried with you when traveling and when you are on the go, so its available to you, to be taken on a daily basis.
Each packet contains:

Nutritional Blend:
A synergistic blend of Vitamins, minerals and super antioxidants nutrients with more than 50 nutraceuticals that together helps maintain and regulate the human body.

Omega 3: The main nutritional supplement which studies show reduce inflammation in our body that is the cause of most disease in the human body.

Calcium: Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.

CoQ10: Is the spark of life which helps provide energy and protection to the heart, brain and vascular system.

You need only one packet daily insuring the foundation vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. This is your 30 day personal Physicians-Formula Daily program, necessary for your Optimized-Health.

Your Health Insurance (R) program
a. Proper Nutrition
b. Exercise
c. Nutritional Supplementation
d. Visit your health professional regularly

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”.


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By following a daily routine
using the Mesuá® Rx nutraceuticals
program your body
will reward
you with positive results!

You will feel better thus
giving you the fuel you need
to make your days vibrant
& fruitful, whether your 25
or older Mesuá® Rx will make
you feel alive again.

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