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Calcium is the mineral that is necessary to help maintain healthy teeth and bones:

Calcium is the mineral your body needs to help build strong bones and healthy teeth. Bones are living tissue and need calcium every day. Our bodies continually remove and replace small amounts of calcium from our bones as they
mature. If more calcium is removed than is replaced, bones become weaker and have a greater chance of breaking, and this can lead to osteoporosis.

Most people don't get enough calcium from the foods they eat and drink. In fact not having proper levels of calcium in your body may lead to early onset of osteoporosis.

For example, how much milk do you need to drink to get the necessary amount of calcium to help maintain healthy bones and teeth. 1 glass of milk contains 300 mg of calcium.
You need a minimum of (3) 8 ounce glasses of milk to get the right amount of calcium daily. That is 110 calories per glass of milk or 330 calories per day.
Omega 3
1 week of drinking milk is 2310 calories (21 glasses)
Only 70 calories in the 21 calcium soft gels per week.

Calcium and proper dental hygiene helps protect teeth against tooth decay. Both baby teeth and adult teeth need calcium to grow and develop. Calcium and proper dental hygiene, helps make the jaw bone strong too.

Mesuá® Rx Liquid calcium has 6 forms of calcium and 3 forms of magnesium + vitamin D3 and vitamin K1 which helps the body optimize the absorption of the calcium more efficiently.

What are good sources of calcium? Calcium is found in a variety of foods. Low-fat and fat-free milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are great sources of calcium, as well as certain vegetables.

What makes Mesuá® Rx calcium so unique?:

1. Easy to take softgels.
2. Its a liquid in a soft gel, combining 6 forms of synergistic calciums + 3 forms of magnesium + Vitamins D3 and K1, for the optimum bioavailability of the calcium.

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”.



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