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Omega 3

Mesuá® Rx OMEGA 3
Omega 3 is the fountain of health and youth.

Mesuá® Rx Omega 3 is a patented nutritional supplement.
Over 20,000 studies have shown that Omega 3 helps:

1. Maintain healthy triglyceride levels.
2. Maintain a healthy immune system.
3. Maintain a healthy vascular system.
4. Maintain and support healthy inflammation level
throughout the brain, muscles, heart, vascular system and
the body.

Omega 3 functions as an anti-inflammatory at the
cellular level.. Why is this important?

Inflammation is the common denominator for disease in
the human body, The inflammation that we talked about is an inflammation that we can’t see with the naked eye, touch or feel it, because its through out the cellular level, and throughout the organs in the body.

Omega 3
Omega 3 is fish oil, helps maintain a healthy vascular system.

Research shows that their may be a benefit in lowering inflammation in the human body.
Studies have shown that improving inflammatory conditions may have a positive effect in helping to reduce Cancer, Alzheimer, Arthritis, heart and cardiovascular disease, as well as problems in early child development, like ADHD and Autism. Omega 3 has a positive effect to the brain, eyes, heart and joints.

What makes the Mesuá® Rx Omega 3 so unique?

1. Its pharmaceutical grade, concentrated and patented.
2. Our patented pharmaceutical grade makes Mesuá® Rx the cleanest fish oil in the world.
3. Odorless, tasteless and burp-less. We are one of the only Omega 3 products that possess these qualities

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”



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