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Mesuá® Rx Probiotics...The Gift of Life:

The human digestive tract contains more than 500 different types, and over 850 billion good bacteria. These good bacteria, help keep the intestines functioning in a healthy manner and assist with everyday digestive functioning and help to maintain the overall health of your entire body. When the good bacteria are overwhelmed by the bad bacteria the body tries to rid itself of these intruders, and your body warns you of the problems(ex. like diarrhea). Supplementation with Mesuá® Rx Probiotics ensures that you are helping to maintain the integrity of the good bacteria throughout your intestinal tract and your body.
MesuaRx Intestinal Balancing System

Studies have shown the benefits of maintaining a healthy intestinal-tract and relate that the Good-Beneficial-Bacteriamay help with the following:

Help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea and inflammation, help maintain a healthy immune system,
with better digestion and absorption of nutrients, help keep the bad-bacteria under control, and help
eliminate toxins. More recent studies show that the Beneficial-Probiotics may help prevent or reduce
the severity of colds and flu, help maintain a healthy vaginal and urinary tract plus help maintain a
healthy bowel, and help minimize gas and bloating issues, and so much more.

More than 50 million people in the U.S. have secondary GI problems. Supplementing with Probiotics
helpsmaintain the integrity of the good bacteria and thus the overall good-health of the intestinal tract
and body.

Please follow our Health Insurance Program®. Be sure that you eat well with proper nutrition, Visit your doctor or health professional regularly, exercise and regularly supplement your diet with proper
nutritional-supplements and probiotics.

Mesuá® Rx Probiotics are truly... The Gift of Life...

Remember, “Prevention is better than the cure”.


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