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Fisher Island Physician Has Pioneer Spirit

FI Magazine, The magazine of the Fisher Island Club Spring 2003

FI Magazine Cover 2003

While Helping People Maintain Their Health, This Doctor Also Looks Toward The Future

The education...The training...The accomplishments - being a doctor is no easy task, but we're making the rounds with Fisher Island residents, bringing you the best of the best, representing fields and specialties from pediatrics to geriatrics and everything in between. Back by popular demand, FI Magazine presents, the "Doctor of Fisher Island - Part II."

Jorge Suarez-Menendez, M.D.

Dr. Jorge Suárez-Menéndez is a leading innovator in the cosmeceutical industry. His clinical and holistic day spas, MeSuá Dermocosmetic Spa®, located on Brickell Avenue in Miami, as well as La Jolla and Beverly Hills, California, are specifically designed for skin and body treatments, and have been recognized as the Number 1 spa in the country by American Spa, Spa, and Cosmopolitan en Español magazines.
From face lifts and breast augmentation to classic spa treatments, his services aim to prevent aging and promote longevity. A 22-year veteran of plastic surgery, he has also developed and patented his own line of anti-aging skin-care products, which is only offered at high-end spas such as MeSuá, and on his Web site, www.Mesuá.com. When he's not making the world more beautiful, the 15-year Fisher Island Club member and his wife, Suzanne, enjoy working out at the gym, boating, and escaping reality when they retreat to Fisher Island.


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