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Jorge Suárez-Menéndez, M.D. Welcomes you to Mesuá® Rx

Graduating from one of the top medical schools in the U.S. and completing a comprehensive Medical program, Dr. Suárez-Menéndez has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and has performed over 24,000 surgeries. He has held the title of Chief of Plastic Surgery at four major hospitals in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Suárez-Menéndez lectured all over the world about Anti-Aging Medicine and has made numerous appearances on English and Spanish TV and radio shows, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, not only has Dr. Suárez-Menéndez written about Anti-Aging, he has been quoted in many magazines and newspapers and has written many books. One of his favorite books is Spa Medicine. He has also received numerous national and international honors and awards of recognition for his continued service in the field of Modern Medicine.

He is a member of the National Registry of "Who's Who among Professionals".

Dr. Suárez-Menéndez knows that drugs alone will not stop or improve aging, nor will they improve our health. Therefore, in his quest for perfection he has created Mesuá® Rx, a Program for Anti-Aging, Consisting of both of Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals. Both work synergistically together to help promote Anti-Aging through health and beauty management. The Mesuá® Rx Nutraceuticals work within the body for optimal overall health and then the complementary, topical Cosmeceuticals work to help protect and maintain healthy youthful skin. Dr. Suárez-Menéndez's Cosmeceuticals were specially formulated, by him, to be the ONP, The Optimal-Nutrition-Program for Healthy-Youthful-Skin. These special formulae contain many of the same nutraceutical ingredients that are used on the inside of the body, to insure TOH, Total Optimum Health. These special nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals work synergistically from inside the body and on the skin to help promote... Total Nutritional Health and Wellness.

Dr. Jorge Suárez Menéndez is the leading innovator in the Nutraceutical industry (vitamins, antioxidants and Omega-3). From the initial Program design through the implementation he has emerged with complete Programs consisting of patented pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. The Mesuá Rx Program gives you the maximum health benefits on the Inside and on the Outside, creating the foundation for Total Health and Beauty.

“Prevention is better than the Cure”(tm)


Spa Medicine
Your Gateway to the
Ageless Zone
Click on the cover
to read excerpts
from this amazing book.

Spa Medicine

By following a daily routine
using the Mesuá® Rx nutraceuticals
program your body
will reward
you with positive results!

You will feel better thus
giving you the fuel you need
to make your days vibrant
& fruitful, whether your 25
or older Mesuá® Rx will make
you feel alive again.

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